Juan Osorio, producer of Sueño de Amor for Televisa

Producer Juan Osorio from Televisa: With Sueño de Amor we will give our 100% to position it in first place among the audience

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de enero de 2016

Producer Juan Osorio started shooting the new telenovela, Sueño de Amor (100x60’), starring Betty Monroe y Christian de la Fuente in the studio on Wednesday January 6th. It will be launched on February 22nd at 8:30pm on El Canal de las Estrellas, substituting Antes Muerta que Lichita by Rosy Ocampo. “We must give 100% to position the novela in first place among the audience. We thank all the actors in this project for trusting in an original story. From now on, I know that ahead of us are seven months during which we will be working as a team. Sueño de Amor is a great commitment to integrate Mexican families”, he mentioned. Sueño de Amor narrates the story of Esperanza Guerrero (Betty Monroe), a single mother of two, 18-year-old Pedro and 17-year-old Patricia. A cheerful, struggling and persevering high school teacher, she dreams of building her own school to educate low-income children. The producer added that the telenovela will have a the look of a series, “with comedy, romance, melodrama and love for topics, and that it will have broad social network coverage. It will be shot with 4K technology and will have live behind-the-scenes through the Internet”.