Martha Patricia López (Mapat) produces Corazón que Miente for Televisa

Producer Mapat from Televisa: We began broadcast of the first short telenovela Corazón que Miente

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|11 de febrero de 2016

Televisa began the broadcast of its first short telenovela Corazón que Miente (80x60’), Monday February 8th at 7:30pm on El Canal de las Estrellas, produced by Mapat, who spoke with PRODU about the challenge it means to be in charge of Grupo Televisa’s first short telenovela. “I am like a Guinea pig, I like to try new things and I’m happy to be the first to make more compact telenovelas. It includes those who have to be there and each one has something to say. The story begins a few years back and starts with topics such as betrayal, ambition and hatred that is sown back then, from where the plot stems”, she explained. During the official presentation, in Mexico City, the stars talked about the project, assuring that “it is a story that has something special, a different format. It’s short but it is the necessary length to tell things and I’m sure people will be expecting it every day”, mentioned Pablo Lyle, who represents Alonso Ferrer. The cast also includes Thelma Madrigal, Diego Olivera, Dulce María, Eric del Castillo, and Helena Rojo, among others. Corazón que Miente is an original story by José Cuauhtémoc Blanco and María del Carmen Peña, in a free version by Antonio Abascal, Carlos González and Dante Hernández. Stage direction is under the responsibility of José Elías Moreno and Mauricio Rodríguez. Marco Vinicio the associate producer and camera director.