Producer Mapat from Televisa: We continues focused on the audience that consumer open TV, producing stories like Tenías Que Ser Tú
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|11 de enero de 2018

Aware of the changes in production mechanisms and the boom in formats like series, the producer Mapat assured that her new telenovela, Tenías Que Ser Tú (92x60’), that will debut on March 12 at 8:30pm on Las Estrellas, is focused on that audience that only has access to open TV and mustn’t be neglected.

“In this industry, we have to continue testing formulas. We get some right, others not, but we know that melodramas always work out and that what makes them more attractive is how they are told. Series are available for an elite, they aren’t appropriate for big masses. We have to continue being concerned about people who only have access to open TV, and have it as its single source of entertainment,” she mentioned.

She explained that Tenías Que Ser Tú is a family story, in which the main character is a single mother who arrives at the city, facing the difficulties this causes for her. She mentioned that it is an original story by Antonio Abascal, Carlos Daniel González, and Dante Hernández, and only takes the title from the 1990 version, made by Carlos Téllez.

Scene direction is under the responsibility of José Elías Moreno and Nelhiño Acosta. Marco Vinicio López de Zatarain and Israel Flores are in charge of the cameras.