Producer Patricio Wills
Producer Patricio Wills: With Univision we in stories and producers that will develop products locally for UniMás and the Mexican market
10 de marzo de 2016

Producer Patricio Wills talks about the new production company he created together with Univision, with equal shares and a long-term vision. It is born with little infrastructure and few cameras, in the aim to shoot the stories where they take place and not necessarily in Colombia. "This is an equally shared joint venture with Univision, in which my partner Fernando Restrepo and I are the other half. The purpose of the company is the production of series and programs for the UniMás network. And also to make series and short formats for the Mexican market, especially Televisa, which is part of all this, and who has been the driving force of this partnership", said Wills. The executive highlighted that the company will have no investment in infrastructure, but in the development of ideas, formats, scripts that will be produced locally, hiring production companies where the stories indicate. "The focus of this company is the investment in rights, intellectual property, ideas, writers. It is a long-term decision which we will put all our heart into. We are very grateful for Univision´s trust in us", said the producer.