Pedro Damián

Producer Pedro Damián from Televisa: In Like we will tell 14 stories with talents of different nationalities
03 de abril de 2018

The first scenes of Like, Televisa’s new telenovela produced by Pedro Damián, were made in the Golden City of Jerusalem, where the producer and the cast had access to sacred places such as the Wailing Wall, as part of one of the 14 stories the plot will tell.

“Jerusalem opened the doors for us to enter into all those places, that are very spiritual and where we could see some scenes. We will tell 14 stories in which we include talents from different nationalities, including a Brazilian boy and a Japanese girl. April is the month to start shooting and we will be out on the air in September” explained the producer.

This is one of the TV station’s most ambitious projects, which will have 160 episodes divided into two, 80 seasons each.

The male cast of this new story is comprised by Mauricio Abad, Víctor Manuel, Zuri Sasson, Carlos de Miguel, Eduardo Barquín, Flavio Nogueira, Bernardo Flores and Santiago Achaga.

Meanwhile, the women who are leading the story are Ale Müller, Catalina Cardoña, Julia Maqueo, Roberta Damián, Patricia Maqueo, Macarena García, Briggiette Bozzo and Diana Paulina.