Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, producer of Televisa’s Los González

Producer Pedro Ortíz de Pinedo from Televisa: Los González is the first sitcam for open TV in Mexico
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|08 de septiembre de 2016

Under the name of sitcam multiplatform, which combines situation comedy with hidden camera, the producer Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, presented the series Los González (30x30’), original Televisa format that has been sold and produced in several countries and that will be aired in Mexico starting Sunday September 11 at 7pm on Las Estrellas. The producer assured that this project marks the return of comedy to Mexican TV: “Televisa has always been a content generator. Many of these contents have been comedies. Later, for many years, we stopped and are now resuming the production of this type of program. We are aiming to reach an audience that wants to laugh. I hope it is the first of many comedies produced by the company,” explained the producer. As for the topic of multiplatform, he highlighted: “We have a lot of content, not only for TV, many hours generated by Los González will appear directly on social networks, they will feed the video channel, and there will also be photos. Jokes will be uploaded to YouTube, and original content will be created for this platform. Los González stars Alejandro Cuétara, who plays the role of the father of the family, who, after being fired from his job, creates an Internet site with pranks made with a hidden camera, involving his entire family. That is how he discovers the formula for a new business. Ortiz de Pinedo Jr, announced that he is preparing a new project in sitcom format, for Blim, that will be ready at the beginning of 2017.