Ana Bond, Sony Pictures Television, and Sandra Condito, Sony Pictures Entertainment with the moderator Cristina Garza

Production and storytelling quality has improved
Miryana Márquez|15 de octubre de 2020

Ana Bond, SVP and general director of International Production for Sony Pictures Television for Latin America & US Hispanic, and Sandra Condito, SVP of International Production and Development at Sony Pictures Entertainment, were the speakers of one of the Latino Media Fest lectures about international production.

Both agree that the quality of the productions and storytelling has improved.

Bond explained that the pandemic situation has been challenging. "We were in production in Colombia and Mexico and trying to decipher the reality of those particular places" sorting out the protocols that would be implemented, "because none of us had the experience of producing during the pandemic." However the difficulties they are already producing again in Colombia.

What was positive, she explained, is that despite being challenging and difficult, "we found that clients have been understandable and flexible."

On the other hand, the executive explained that although several projects were moved, "we focused on content development." They found that customers were interested in lighter, more nostalgic content, even novels.

She noted that perhaps ad revenue for networks is down and that has an impact on the type of content they are able to afford.

Regarding cinema, Condito said that despite the content has not changed, "the way we are doing it has. It is a learning process on how we have to do things now."