Alessandro Angulo, director of Laberinto

Production company Laberinto Producciones, more than 21 years in the industry
05 de septiembre de 2017

Laberinto Producciones is a company that has been dedicated to film, television, and commercial production for 21 years, consolidating more than 1500 pieces.

Alessandro Angulo, director of Laberinto, comments that they have remained in vigor in the industry because they have focused on original content for all audiences and platforms that have appeared recently. “The market has changed and has improved thanks to new OTT windows that have allowed us to expand our content offer, not only through open or pay TV, but on digital as well.”

Now that the action field is expanding, Laberinto Producciones has posted Cristina Andrade in Los Angeles. She is a manager of Laberinto in charge of opening new markets in the US and continue positioning the company in Mexico.

“We are moving very much in the region and what I feel is that Colombia is in a very good moment, since we appear on the map to come and produce films thanks to laws like the cinema law, that grant a return of between 20 and 40% of money, depending on the investment” comments Alessandro.

Laberinto is currently working on web series thought for brands and advertising agencies, taking the storytelling experience to a much more effective level.