Suárez mentioned that they work with half of the staff they would normally have on the set for this type of production
Production of El Domo del Dinero is innovative
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de octubre de 2020

Each aspect of the production of Telemundo´s new reality, El Domo del Dinero, that had its debut on Tuesday, October 13, has innovative elements, according to Francisco “Cisco” Suárez, VP of Non-Scripted Programming of the network´s primetime.

El Domo del Dinero is entirely original intellectual property, created by Telemundo and in Telemundo Center. It has mechanical elements and unprecedented obstacle circuits to complete a series of daily challenges and games with the contestants. We use approximately 22 cameras on the set, many of which are robotic, and others placed in very strategic angles that do not require technical personnel on the site," he explained. The production is done in collaboration with Powwow360.

He said that on the set all the participants, presenters, coaches, technical, and production team, follow the safety protocols established by NBCUniversal and Telemundo. “It is truly challenging, everything takes much more time and is more complex than it used to be. We have learned along the way how to handle and solve everything. There is no live audience because it is not part of the show´s format," he added.

Suárez mentioned that they work with half of the personnel they would normally have on the set for this type of production. “Production has been a challenge. It has been a lesson in rethinking and overcoming obstacles for things to happen. Having to produce in these circumstances has made us smarter, thinking of each detail, and planning in depth. We have learned that it is better to have a plan A, B, and C because each day many changes can occur,” he emphasized.