Carolina Cordero: WAWA Business Forum is an answer to our partners to establish real business opportunities in the new global virtual scenario

Promoting real business opportunities for our partners
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de marzo de 2021

The first WAWA Business Forum, to be held from March 16 to 18, is an answer to its partners to establish real business opportunities in the new global virtual scenario.

“What everybody is looking for are specific business opportunities. Virtuality led us to connect much more, but also hampered the opportunity to consolidate agreements due to the diversity of contents that are circulating. There is a need to get together and consolidate real businesses. In this sense, we decided to make this forum in three days," explains Carolina Cordero, General Manager of WAWA. She assures that the expectations are high and positive.

She explained that the dynamics will revolve around one-hour pitches with 10 participants in each session, where people will be able to meet with programmers and decision-makers. "The idea is for people to truly come seeking content, so none of the parts wastes time. For it to be a quick process".

Cordero recalls that the genres to be presented are already established (TV films, documentaries, children's programs, sports specials, proposals of campaigns for the public good, big shows for primetime and fictions), and they did this based on a previous consultation on what buyers and programmers were demanding.

The participants include Sertv Panamá, TVC Deportes México, Latina Perú, Hemisphere Media Group, Lifetime, Mondo TV, Tondero, and VIP 2000 TV.

In addition to the pitches, there will be specialized talks delivered by International Emmy Awards, Egeda, and Media Club Elles.

WAWA has around 400 partners and the event will be not only for their members but open to third parties for free. The cost of the membership is US$50 for LatAm executives that join WAWA this month.

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