Cyrus Farrokh, president of Propagate Content International

Propagate: We have three main business lines in the region: distribution, the search for IP, and local production
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de octubre de 2021

Propagate has three main business lines in the region: distribution of its original shows as well as the representation of FOX Networks Group; the search for Latin American IP to adapt it to global audiences -the case of Jane the Virgin, among others- and the local production platform that has been growing with projects such as Rebelde, the production of its second season has just been finished, and Pinches Momias with the Mexican director, Santiago Limón, for Univision´s new global streamer.

“Distribution is obviously changing, but it is still a business in which we find many opportunities, whether selling formats or the can. We have sold documentaries to DIRECTV Latin America and also reached open TV channels such as Televisa, Caracol, RCN, Globo, and others. We are very connected with the region” expressed Cyrus Farrokh, president of Propagate Content International.

In the past Mipcom, one of the main formats for sales was FOX Networks Group´s talent competition, Alter Ego, which had its debut in the US this month. “Not only is it a talent format as has never been seen in the world before, but the technology and concept are amazing, and it is also a very powerful show in terms of the emotions it brings," said Catalina Ramírez, Sales and Acquisitions Director at Propagate.

Additionally, they are selling in the region the can of season 6 of The Masked Singer, also by FOX. Other new FOX formats they offer are The Big Deal, Domino Masters, Next Level Chef by Gordon Ramsey (that will soon start shooting in Las Vegas); and Crime Scene Kitchen.

They have American Song Contest, of their own production, whose rights for the US were acquired by NBC and will be aired in 2022, after the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl. “We are exploring opportunities for Latin America,” said Ramírez.

They also took the original documentaries Hillary (4x60’) and LFG Equal Play.