Jorge García Castro, Mexican producer based in Los Angeles and co-founder of the production company
Punch Media: This is the beginning of what is coming in production in Mexico
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|11 de diciembre de 2018

Jorge García Castro, Mexican producer based in Los Angeles and co-founder of the production company, the Latinos in the US talent agency, Inclusion Management and the consultancy firm Punch Media, believe that Mexico is living its golden age in content production and that it is barely the beginning, contrary to those who state that it is just a bubble.

“Netflix is taking many productions, but Amazon is, too, and there are more coming, from companies such as iTunes, FOX. There will be increasingly more. It is a challenge that budgets and production costs are rising and we have to find a way to continue being competitive. Government support would be very important to maintain production levels," he stated.

In his efforts as a consultant for studios such as Sony Pictures, Disney, Netflix, and FOX, among others, García Castro has been a cultural enabler to help other producers and executives in the US to understand the Latino market. He has done this in McFarland USA, El Jeremías (for which he created and managed the advertising and distribution campaign), Ice age 4, among others. “Studios´ appetite for doing things with Hispanic elements, has grown," he explained.

This work led him to found Inclusión Management, together with his partner, Javier Chapa in order to create and boost opportunities for Latino talent in the US: “Whoever is relevant in Mexico can be relevant in the US and there we support studios. We must grow, push Latinos to take on leading roles, not just the barman or the Mexican”.

García Castro also produced the film In a Relationship, launched in several cities in the US on November 9, which will soon be on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play. Meanwhile, it will reach Mexican movie theaters in 2019.