Rosa Clemente, partner and founder of Punta Fina

Punta Fina: For a production to reach the international level, it must have a showrunner
10 de septiembre de 2019

Rosa Clemente, partner and founder of Punta Fina, said on #VisitaPRODU that they are trying to implement the use of a showrunner on all their productions, with the term “writer on the set”, that will be in charge of depicting was written on the scripts throughout the entire production.

She also assured that for the stories of the region to reach the quality standard of British or US contents, they must all have a showrunner. “The participation of that person in the production is indispensable. He is the creator of the story, and is the only one who knows how everything should be because he has it in his head and in his heart. He has to help in the casting, look for locations, even take part in post production”.

The executive also mentioned that at this moment, due to the production boom and demand for content, Mexico is the country where you have to be. “We came to Mexico to do La Hermandad, and we are going to stay here. It is the first country in the audiovisual industry in Spanish. People are doing all sorts of things here and we are going to continue growing here."

“This year, we did not take any project to Natpe. We sat down with our clients and asked them what they wanted, what they were looking for. We are a company that custom makes our work for our clients and we have teams that can work immediately on any genre the client requests. We did very well with this strategy," commented Clemente.