Rosa Clemente and Raúl Prieto, partners of Punta Fina

Punta Fina: Our most recent productions already have the company's showrunner seal
17 de enero de 2019

Punta Fina, content factory that has operated in Bogota six years and four in Mexico City, already has around 15 projects, seven of which have already been produced. For 2019, they are preparing youth and suspense stories, as well as romantic comedies. 

They specialize in five services: development of original stories, development of custom-made stories, script doctor, content adaptations and parameter adjustment (adjustment of scripts to a specific budget). "For parameter adjustment, we have a superspecialist, Connie Acosta, our partner in Colombia, who is a spectacular scriptwriter and also knows a great deal about production," assured Raúl Prieto, partner of the company.

They are adding a sixth service: content promotion before its launch. “We define ourselves as a content and ideas factory, that companies scripts. The social network team starts to advertise content as soon as it begins to be written. There is so much content out there that it is essential to make yourself known," expressed Rosa Clemente, partner of Punta Fina.

She also commented that thanks to her background in edition and Prieto´s in direction, Punta Fina is starting to give its first steps in production showrunner. "It is an indispensable position for productions to have complete coherence from the writing phase to the moment they go out into the air. Our most recent productions already have Punta Fina´s showrunner seal”.

Punta Fina has four writers in Bogota, six in Mexico City, one in Los Angeles and two in Spain. “With one of them we are going to make a movie,” announced Prieto.