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Punta Fina to conquer the international market
Aliana González, Mexico City|15 de noviembre de 2019

Raúl Prieto and Rosa Clemente, partners and founder of Punta Fina, stated that now, two years after forming a team in Mexico with young, talented, and very creative writers, it is the time to open up to new ideas. "They are an amazing international talent," said Prieto. Although the team is based in Mexico, it is comprised by Mexicans, Colombians, Venezuelans, and Britons. "With them, together with our offices in Bogota and Buenos Aires, we are ready to conquer the international market, with deeper, more dynamic and mature stories. Our team in Mexico works not only for Mexico, but for the entire world," he explained.

Rosa Clemente assures that Caque Armas, Daniel Ezra, Daniel Jiménez, Rodrigo Jiménez and Luisa Mancilla have exceptional creativity and have the benefit of having been trained with the rigor of Punta Fina.

“To MIP Cancun we are taking six projects, some from people of our team, all very good stories,” assured Prieto, after commenting that each idea is aimed at a specific client, because it was designed according to the client´s DNA. "We are going to do marvelous things in 2020,” he furthered.

In Punta Fina, each individual has qualities to contribute to the team. Caque Armas is a escaletista and structurer, renowned for being “capable of finding the diamond in a story”. Ezra, Briton and Mexican, is a film director, with great capability to develop plots and with ideas that are out of the ordinary, while the Jiménez brothers, according to Clemente and Prieto, are geniuses. “They have both just finished producing a piece that we cannot announce, but which makes us super happy, because they had the chance to dance with the prettiest one," said Prieto, referring to the platform that will exhibit it. Luisa Mancilla coordinates the entire team and manages that deliveries are right in form and time.