Diego Marcos, Talent Coordinator; Óscar Mercado, PX Sports Operations; Jorge Hazoury, organizer and Luis Laracuente, Production Manager

PX Sports: Producing the Terra Inferno competition shows our growth in LatAm
Vanessa Maldonado|02 de diciembre de 2022

PX Sports will produce and broadcast one of the three most important hard enduro sporting events in the world, the Terra Inferno, with the participation of Travis Pastrana. The contest to be held in Punta Cana, will boost the growth of the channel, which today covers more than 22 million homes in Latin America.

“This event is described by Pastrana as one of the three best in the world and in terms of production is a great challenge for us as it is a route with three stages, entailing the transportation of a great infrastructure with more than 20 displaced cameras for each scenario, clearing a route in the middle of the jungle for a mobile unit, in addition to several kilometers of cables with repeaters. Also, we are sending the signal from point to point using different antennas that are being placed and everything will be received by IP. This stage has taken us more than three months,” he explained.

The exclusive broadcasting deal with the pay TV sports channel was signed by Jorge Hazoury, organizer of Terra Inferno; Diego Marcos, Talent Coordinator; Luis Laracuente, Production Manager, and Óscar Mercado, Director of PX Sports Operations. "This is a reflection of what we are as a brand, of how we have grown and improved with unique contents that you cannot see elsewhere to strengthen our audience,” Mercado said.

He highlighted that they have become one of the largest extreme sports channels in the world with an audience of + 22 million homes in Latin America; also in countries like the US with Hispanic packages, Mexico and the rest of the continent, available on different cable operators such as DIRECTV Latin America, Claro, Grupo Millicom, which is Tigo, Telefónica Movistar. “We cover 90% of Argentina with different cable operators, we are only missing Brazil."

To conclude he announced that by 2023 they intend to increase their coverage in Mexico, where at the moment they are in TotalPlay, Megacable and Dish, "in addition to strengthening our demand for exclusive and original content."