Sergio Jablon, Head Writer of Univision´s Entertainment Division

Quarantine is any writer´s ideal state

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|28 de mayo de 2020

According to Sergio Jablon, Head Writer of Univision´s Entertainment Division, quarantine does not affect a writer`s work. “In fact, if the circumstances that surround this were not so devastating, I would say that quarantine is the ideal state of any writer, who, in order to work, only needs a computer, wit, and imagination," he comments.

However, he is sorry to admit that many of the projects he was working on were affected significantly. "In my case, in particular, in which I do many live or other types of programs in which the presence of the audience and contact and rehearsal with the hosts is part of the job, this has affected my work significantly, since most of these formats had to be suspended or postponed," he explains.

To remain active professionally, he recommends: maintaining a work schedule, use this time to develop or advance new projects or projects in development, study computing techniques or programs that can help in your work, and, above all, read a lot and read all kinds of things.

He feels that stories and passions are independent of circumstances. "If we want to give the audience tools to keep dreaming, you have to be a bit more ambitious in your statements. During the worse moments of the Black Death, Bocaccio wrote his famous Decameron that reflected the moment, but also eternal wishes and conflicts,” he adds.

He believes that after the pandemic we must expect that "we will have to reinvent ourselves and learn how to make programs once again. What is effective will remain in time. The rest, both good and bad, must be taken as lessons that allow us to believe both in our personal skills and our professional skills".