Ana Paula Valdovinos thanked all the production team, Netflix, Telemundo and the cast for the award

Raising the bar of content in Spanish
04 de diciembre de 2020

Ana Paula Valdovinos, VP Production and Development, and Marcos Santana, president, both from Telemundo Global Studios, were the winners in the Producer category of Premios PRODU 2020 for No te puedes esconder.

Valdovinos thanked all the production team in Mexico and Spain, Netflix, Telemundo and the cast for the award. “It is an excellent piece of work. We are raising the bar of content in Spanish,” she expressed, and invited the audience that has not seen it yet to look for it on Netflix. “It is ten hours of entertaining content”.

“I am honored and grateful, together with Marcos Santana. I am proud of the women who are doing very good things and of belonging to this industry,” she said.

She highlighted that No te puedes esconder was the opportunity to make an international production and put on the table two different worlds that increasingly come closer. "The development of the script took time. Marcos and I worked a great deal to have it perfectly well," she added.

She emphasized that when the time comes to evaluate a new project, the important thing lies in the idea. "The genesis of everything is the idea, regardless of if it is drama or mystery. It is also important for it to have solid characters and a well-written script".