Lina Cáceres, Talent Director at Raze

Raze: Evolving together with influencers

Jaime Quintero, Bogota|19 de junio de 2018

Lina Cáceres, Talent Director at Raze, says that after four years of work, both the company and the young influencers they work with have learned a great deal. They have opened a path to work together with brands, generating new contents.

“We are currently in the stage of co-creation, in which we have managed for brand executives, directors, and great writers from the industry, to make a match with our talents in order to generate great ideas,” comments Lina.

“Proof of this is what happened on May 5 with the H&M store, with whom we got together to generate a big opening of their fourth store in Colombia in a massive way. We gathered 3,000 people and pieces selected by the influencers were sold out; additionally, we were a trend in social networks,” adds Cáceres.

Finally, Lina commented that new projects are coming, such as the film by Mario Ruiz and Juan Camilo Pinzón, as well as a reality with Sebastián Villalobos and a makeover with Pautips.