Lina Cáceres, Talent director at Raze

Raze: The real meaning of influencers is still unknown

Jaime Quintero, Bogota|10 de enero de 2019

Lina Cáceres, Talent director at Raze, commented that currently in the influencer market there is lack of information, where there are content amplifiers and digital celebrities.

“The content amplifier spreads and shares without having a bigger impact, whereas digital celebrities are those who managed to have a personal brand, whose value lies in the creation of content, telling stories, creating videos for their social networks and that is where we have stood out in the last few years."

One of the success cases is Paula Galindo´s —known as Pautips—, who began with less than 100 thousand followers and currently has more than 20 million followers on her social networks, with two channels in Spanish and one in English. “Pautips success lies on the fact that she has become well-known for her lifestyle: she takes good care of herself, seeking to be the best version of herself. She is a pioneer of content creation in Spanish in Colombia and is acknowledged for her talent in the region. She recently launched her makeup line, reaching 305 more sales than those estimated."

Currently, both the industry and content creators have had to adapt, attaining success thanks to the way they communicate and connect with the audience. Brands have had to not sell their services or say the price of their products, but sell values and find those influencers to communicate what they want to say.

In 2019 they will hold the Raze Awards, to recognize content creators, directors, and editors, with TNT as an ally.