Luis Balaguer, CEO of LatinWE and co-founder of Raze

Raze: We are going to boost and produce influencers´ big ideas

Maye Albornoz. Los Angeles|29 de junio de 2017

Influencers and the content they generate have evolved and Raze is the answer to that phenomenon. This is a statement made by Luis Balaguer, CEO of LatinWE and co-founder of Raze, who pointed out that these talents not will not only have the possibility of developing their projects with appropriate budgets but will also be surrounded by the best professionals on the new platform, Raze.

They have also changed the way they consume contents, that is why everything that is generated from Raze is thought in first place for mobiles and after, for the rest of the screens. Emiliano Calemzuk, co-founder and CEO of Raze, assured that they will start with short content units, but that they are already working on the development and commercialization of formats, series and films.

For her part, Lina Cáceres, Talent Management at Raze and director of Digital and Content Development at LatinWE, who has seen the evolution of all the influencers in Raze´s scope, explained that the platform represents for them the possibility of making their dreams come true and raising the level of their projects.

Mari Urdaneta, Production Chief at Raze, Talent and Development director at LatinWE and CEO of Dhana Media, expressed that her expectation is that Raze becomes the reference for a generation, but that it also goes beyond the average age of the audience and that creative quality contents stand out, regardless of who sees them or on what screen.