Emiliano Calemzuk, CEO of Raze
Raze: We celebrate one year of operations with several projects in development
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de febrero de 2018

Raze is celebrating its first year of operations and is currently handling several projects, including one with Netflix (Catrina: La Santa Muerte, 8x60'), Mi Hermanastro for Hulu and the third, Black Veil with TNT. Additionally, they are preparing the magazine Raze Live for millennials

“We are celebrating our first anniversary as a company and are thrilled because we are initiating important projects in the Hispanic and the American markets that reflect the quality and what Latin life is in a different way,” expressed Calemzuk.

For her part, Mari Urdaneta, senior VP and Chief Content Officer at Raze, appeared to be thrilled with her new position. Creating contents in a digital platform is something I love, because it allows giving a voice to a new generation and learning from it, as well as understanding what they are interested in, which is very different from the type of program or content we were making before,” she said.

“Almost two years ago, when we joined Sofía (Vergara), Emiliano asked what we had to do to create the MTV for the new generation, and that is when Raze was born. We are proud to see all the successful projects we have, plus what we are producing and what we are going to develop. For me, it is a luxury to be able to count on Mari (Urdaneta), and to see a new generation that brings very good ideas that are very commercial,” added Luis Balaguer, CEO of LatinWE and co-founder of Raze.