Mari Urdaneta, CCO of Raze
Raze: With the Raze Awards we want to applaud all those who do something incredible in our genre
25 de octubre de 2018

Mari Urdaneta, CCO of Raze, a platform that stands out as the site for intelligent entertainment content, led by top celebrities and influencers, shined at the Raze Awards, which Raze organized in partnership with Turner Latin America. The main objective of these awards is to showcase digital creators, beyond their popularity, from the point of view of the quality and creativity that they achieve in their productions.

"This award is aimed at everything related to what this new media is if we can call it some way. It's for that world, for youtubers, for anyone doing web series, not only on YouTube but on platforms like Raze” she said, after stating that “we want to applaud all those who do something incredible in our genre.”

The Raze Awards were announced during Mipcom and the awarding ceremony will take place on September 2019. "We want to contribute with something different, not just another prize, but to really give away something new" she reasserted.

"We realized that a prize that recognizes the contribution of digital creators in telling stories and creating original content was missing, and that it should be an industry award towards to the own industry, it is very special. We also joined, we who know this world very well, and are one of the most important companies in the Latin American industry. We are happy and I think it will be very special” Urdaneta said.