Barbora Suster, Head of Latin America at Eccho Rights

RCN picks up first Turkish drama Insider produced by Ay Yapim
23 de octubre de 2018

RCN in Colombia has acquired their first ever Turkish drama, picking up Insider in a deal with international distributor Eccho Rights.

Produced by Ay Yapim, Insider was one of the most significant Turkish Dramas releases of recent years, scoring record ratings for Show TV, and inspiring an obsessive fanbase.

In Latin America, the series broke viewer records for Mega in Chile, while Eccho Rights have also placed the show with broadcasters in Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay.

“Turkish Drama’s success in Latin America is well documented but there is still room for the genre to grow in the region. Insider is a perfect choice for RCN to make a bold first step into programming Turkish shows, with its amazing production values, and a script that encompasses high action with beautiful emotion and family stories,” says Barbora Suster, Head of Latin America at Eccho Rights.