Reto 4 Elementos will be launched on January 2019

RCN presented in the Riviera Maya Reto 4 Elementos
Jaime Quintero|29 de noviembre de 2018

In January 2019 Reto 4 Elementos will be launched. It is a Colombian version of the Televisa production that has been a hit in Mexico and is currently in its second season, where sportsmen, fitness athletes, models, actors, musicians, presenters, and comedians will compete to survive different weather conditions. As well as going through obstacle tracks more than 270 meters long, testing their bodies and minds, they will seek to be the winner of US$100 mil.

“This is a format to share as a family and with which we will start a series of launches to renovate our screen in 2019," mentioned Juan Camilo Uribe, Marketing VP at RCN.

In a technological aspect, it has underwater cameras and 18 fixed cameras. Almost 300 professionals will be in charge of the production of this reality.

For his part, César Castro, Entertainment Manager at RCN, explained that for three months they conducted a casting for the program, having to audition more than 280 participants and around 140 challengers. “Some of the novelties TV viewers will be able to watch during the tests is that in each one of the participants will have different clothing, appropriate for each one of the competitions".

Carolina Guerra and Edgar Vittorino will be the presenters of Reto 4 Elementos. Gustavo Blanco y Edward Pinzón (Shirry) will accompany them as swimmers. The production is under the responsibility of 5 y 6 Producciones.