Carlos Granier, CTO of Radar
RCTV app allows announcers reaching the audience
Alfredo Yánez|16 de julio de 2020

Carlos Granier, CTO of Radar, explained the scope of the new RCTV app, based on solutions patented by Streann Media, that allow them to present live, on-demand content, as well as multiple options for advertisers. 

“The good thing about the platform we have developed together with our Streann allies, who have a wonderful experience and have won all the awards in app development, is that it allows advertisers to reach the audience the best way possible. The advertising topic on the app is well-thought so as to be very little intrusive for the user," explained Granier.

He highlighted that Streann has several patented technologies that allow showing ads without interrupting content. "The advertiser has several spaces in the app where he can appear, on the entrance carousel, screens during each video without interrupting the experience. Additionally, we are designing a portal where brands can do their purchase virtually, seeing all the products; mainly now with the confinement due to COVID, we are not able to send a salesman. We also offer a number of services traditionally not offered in-app: you can have polls, trivia contests, and receive live videos".

The executive highlighted that it is a service in which the user can rapidly download on his mobile, Roku, Apple TV or Smart TV, the RCTV channel and enjoy not only traditional contents but new contents that are remastered, live signals, listen to the radio, reach the news on El Observador from RCTV. “It is like having that channel 2 in one single place and not having to browse for it on the Internet," he detailed.