Guadalupe D’Agostino, representative and consultant of RCTV Internacional

RCTV International: We are co-producing and offering production services to third parties

31 de mayo de 2019

Guadalupe D’Agostino, representative and consultant at RCTV International, assured that the company continues to reinvent iself and to adapt to all the new trends.

“In this new stage, RCTV has opened up to making co-productions with other companies. We just finished the first of these co-productions called Eneamiga with IVC”. Eneamiga is a 60-episode series, divided into four seasons, 15 episodes each.

They are working on their second co-production: The miniseries Almas en Pena (13x45´), of magical realism, inspired in Latin American legends, co-produced with José Simón Escalona.

“We are starting to develop a series we hope to be able to launch for the second semester of this year" which will be in the same line as Almas en Pena, but on police-style investigation.

She explained that they want to focus on short, 60-80, one-hour episode series, and divide them into seasons to be able to program them in different ways.

Likewise, they continue presenting the series Ellas Aman, Ellos Mienten, made in 4K in outdoors. Also, Corazón Traicionado and Piel Salvaje. On the other hand, they have classic remasterized novels and scripts from RCTV.

“And we are open to making productions for third parties. This was already done in the past with two telenovelas that were made for Televisa and a series for Turner,” and added that RCTV is always innovating and looking for new strategic alliances with different companies around the world.