Maddy Kramer and Marina Filippelli
Let US Reconsider The Words And Phrases That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes: Marina Filippelli of Orci
15 de mayo de 2020

Marina Filippelli, COO and Director of Client Services at Orci, shared her anti-sexist views during the One Club for Creativity webinar entitled Creative Ways to Reach the Latinx Market Using Inclusive Language. Her presentation during the organization’s Creative Month was chaired by Maddy Kramer, founder of inVisible Creatives.

Under the premise that the binary structure of Spanish, with its classification of people and things by gender, has made it more complicated to adapt to the inclusive language demanded by the modern world with its neutral gender terms, the executive has sought ways for creatives to avoid stereotypes and exclusionary expressions when addressing Latinx audiences.

“All of us advertisers who work with words know the power language can have in our daily lives. Research has proved that to be a fact. The strategy should be to reconsider the words and phrases that perpetuate gender stereotypes and homophobic attitudes, and then restate the conversation. We must seek equal representation in the language we use and brands must grasp the big picture."

Filippelli presented several options for balancing the existing sexism. One way, she said, was "by using words that embrace the two genders, so instead of saying ‘men’ or ‘women’ you say ‘people.’”

She added that when applying inclusive language, “we do something to change the culture. It seems to me the creative industry should feel proud of opening conversations using, for example, the term Latinx or words ending in ‘e’ so as to talk in a neutral gender.”