Delmar Andrade, Record TV: Biblical series devoid of religiousness help overcome difficult moments like the one we are living now

Record TV: Making our products available quickly
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|03 de abril de 2020

The measures that Record TV took to preserve the health of its employees amidst the pandemic, included the suspension of the shooting of Génesis and Amor Sin Igual. But the distribution company continues forward offering its consecrated line of biblical series —led by its most recent production, Jezabel— and contemporary telenovelas, such as the successful Toppísima— through video calls, e-mail, and other tech tools.

“Additionally, we are trying to make our products available quickly so as not to disappoint our clients in a moment of great difficulty as this," expressed Delmar Andrade, International Sales director at Record TV.

He also emphasized that companies across all industries will face difficult challenges. "However, the consumption of television increases at a time when most people are at home, complying with the quarantine. We must continue our job and try to minimize the damage both the market and the industry will suffer," he said. Telenovelas based on biblical texts but without religiousness, according to Andrade, help overcome difficult moments because they collaborate with a human vision of the world. "Productions include a great deal of love and hope, and are sure, the most important ingredients in a moment that is difficult to overcome, such as the one we are living," he concluded.