Delmar Andrade, International Sales director at Record TV Network

Record TV: We sold Jesús to two countries before its formal launch in Mipcom
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|21 de agosto de 2018

The telenovela Jesús, by Record TV Network, will be formally presented in Mipcom. “However, the market is already asking for this production with exceptional interest. We have already consolidated agreements in two of the most important territories in the world. We think Jesús will generate more sales than Los Diez Mandamientos,” said Delmar Andrade, International Sales director at Record TV Network.

Jesús gives continuity to the Brazilian company's successful line of epic productions and is their most ambitious production so far. In Brazil it is being aired successfully since July 24: not only did it have high ratings on its debut, but it increased by 15% the average audience in its time slot in São Paulo (the first 10 episodes averaged 11.3 points against 9.9 before its launch).

The telenovela has several scenes shot in Morocco in one of the main film studios worldwide, known as the Morocco Hollywood. There Babel, Game of Thrones, Gladiator and other period productions were shot.

More than 350 professionals participated in the production in Morocco, and more than 200 scenes were shot. They sent 100 suitcases with costumes, 20 air-conditioned trucks were used (for production, costume, and makeup) and 5 thousand bottles of water were consumed each day.

In Brazil 55 sets and 4 scenery cities were built, more than 12,000 clothing garments were used and nearly 100 actors took part in the production.