Pablo Massi from Peru´s América TV
Recovery of open TV has been aggressive
Marcela Tedesco|08 de octubre de 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the Peruvian América TV media was varied: the news channel (pay-TV) had no problem; content sales remained stable; the digital area fell in advertising investment but maintained the subscription; and the open channel was the most affected one, with a fall of 70% in advertising and the elimination of three hours of original programming on primetime.

However, now that two of those three original hours have been put back, América TV rebound and is 15% below pre-COVID levels.

“Open television had an aggressive recovery, it is the primary media and was the quintessential communicator of all the governmental and non-governmental campaigns on COVID," said Pablo Massi, the company`s CEO, and Commercial Director.

Cable channels, on the other hand, suffered the same impact as open ones, but the recovery is not the same because they are not a primary media source, they just couple to open TV. “There is a video business that includes open, pay, and digital TV, trying to establish a definitive scope between the three elements. Open TV continues to be the starting point, then comes cable and digital. The advertisers first secure the bracing, and if he has more resources, he will increase the pay or digital investment" explained Massi.

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