Rompan Todo: La Historia del Rock en Español had its debut on Netflix

Red Creek produced a docu-series on Spanish rock
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de enero de 2021

Rompan Todo: La Historia del Rock en Español, a six-episode documentary series that debuts on Netflix in 200 territories on Wednesday, December 16, is the first original production Red Creek makes for the platform.

The documentary series, which talks about 50 years of rock in Spanish through 100 interviews with the most important rock stars in the región, was directed by Picky Talarico. The executive producers were Nicolás Entel, Gustavo Santaolalla, Iván Entel, and Picky Talarico. It was written by Nicolás Entel and Nicolás Gueilburt. The producer was Andrea Cipelli; the journalistic producer was Manuel Buscalia, and musical supervision was under the responsibility of Virginia Koren.

Entel, the creator, and showrunner, as well as executive producer, comments that Red Creek as a production company has been making for years a transition towards content production. “We already had the previous experience of the documentary, Pecados de Mis Padres (2009),” he explained.

Entel, who already had the idea of making a documentary on the genre, was approached by Netflix to take new content ideas to them. He knew about the difficulties regarding musical rights and approached his friends at Sony Music in Miami, who supported him with the project. In January 2018, he presented the idea to Netflix and the following month, a more specific proposal. In April 2019 they started shooting. “We are very happy because we are working with our own original ideas,” he added.

In addition to this documentary series, Entel is completing the postproduction of the original bilingual terror and science fiction program, Z.O.S No Estamos Muertos for Amazon Studios, which will have its debut in 2021. He is also working on a documentary about a rock band that is among the first 10 in the US.