Juan Carlos Maya, Founder and President at Mixto Music

Juan Carlos Maya from Mixto Music: Our ROI is Higher Than in Agencies in the General Market
Liz Unamo|25 de diciembre de 2016

Juan Carlos Maya, Founder and President at Mixto Music, warns that the advertising industry in general is going through a transition period due to the constant emergence of new platforms.

“What largely affects us is that our work and budgets continue to be dependent on those of the general market, and that limits the free development of our creative process. Nevertheless, in most cases our ROI is bigger than that of agencies in the general market, so, we are increasingly closer to having greater autonomy" he told PRODU.

He feels that the U.S. Hispanic market has many peculiarities that must be reflected in the work they do. “We are part of an industry that is constantly evolving and must do everything we can to define our identity and that definitely helps this quest."

He is an advocate of gender equality in juries, as was the case in the most recent edition of the U.S.H. Idea Awards. “We must have gender equality in every industry. This year we were very lucky to have a representative from our agency, Marina Cuesta from Dieste, in the See It Be It program in Cannes. Ultimately, to be able to establish clearer communication with consumers, it is necessary for the make-up of our workplaces to reflect that of our community. And that also applies to the juries of our festivals."

Mixto Music, together with Dieste, was awarded at the U.S.H. Idea Awards in Radio Public Awareness Messages, for its campaign Radio Unnoticed for FIU.