Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard

The marketing specialist is the one who has the sensibility to inspire creativity: Raja Rajamannar from Mastercard
23 de diciembre de 2020

Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard, said in a LIONS Live session that in terms of creativity "Many times I see companies put a good general manager or a process manager as marketing leader, and there is nothing more disastrous than that". He highlighted that the marketing specialist is the one who has the sensibility to inspire creativity.

According to Rajamannar, the marketing specialist is the one who can push both his internal team as well as agency teams, to the limit. "This means that they will offer daring solutions and will be able to take daring decisions on those solutions. Otherwise, just being conservative does not inspire creativity, so we have to inspire creativity constantly", regardless of the type of industry, he said in a conversation with Charles Day, founder of The Lookinglass.

There is creativity waiting to be released and taken advantage of, he explains, and the members of the "marketing department love it, they are the first who are waiting for the opportunity to mix both brains, left and right, and bring together the analytical and creative sides. That is what marketing offers in a unique way and if you take advantage of this you can create magic".

He explained that creativity processes do not happen randomly, it is necessary to deploy them for creative development to happen. "Commercial creativity, which is what our field is about, has a process and can be well-thought or make a great deal of progress with efficiency and effectiveness" he emphasized.