Román González

The tone of communication has changed, it has become more sensitive than ever to this moment: Román González Casanova//McCann
01 de enero de 2021

Román González, ACD from Casanova//McCann, explains that from the start of the pandemic there have been many changes in agency processes, but not in the creative aspect.

“We underwent some reformatting to be more efficient, more assertive, and more collaborative than before, but essentially, you realize that this need for change and reformatting is in itself, the foundation of creative work, adapting to existing conditions and giving the best possible solutions with the elements you have," explains González.

Although consumer migration from classic media to social platforms is nothing new, he warns that it is necessary to be alert to how people integrate technology into their lives, since the pandemic accelerated this process.

He detailed that working and studying online increased screen time in every home, confinement and distancing made it common for many to buy consumibles with home delivery, in addition to returning to entertainment consumption, an almost exclusively home activity.

“We think the tone of communication has changed, and has become more sensitive to the moment like never before, not to a season or a trend. In the exact moment when things happen we must be flexible to change very rapidly, that is why digital media is ideal to respond to this change speed".