Juan Isaza

Brands Must Understand That Citizens Expect Them to Play A Social Role: DDB Latina
Liz Unamo|20 de diciembre de 2020

Brands must realize that citizens are waiting for them to play a social role, warned Juan Isaza, Strategy & Innovation VP at DDB Latina. “It’s time for brands to show their commitment to society and time to show that they’re in some way ready to lend a helping hand."

Isaza led the study Los Latinos en Tiempos del Coronavirus (Latinos in Times of Coronavirus) which highlights that what consumers demand of brands today tends to be more individual than collective. "Any kind of collaboration is important. Any action, message or innovation that helps reduce uncertainty, however small, will be appreciated by consumers," he said.

In his evaluation of the new normal in consumers´ behavior, the executive said that people´s brains adapt to radical changes with relative ease. "The study shows that more than 60 percent of people say they will work more from home in the future, and will continue to have virtual gatherings with family and friends after all this is over. In other words, people adapt. Fear of infection leads to behavior changes and that’s what we’re seeing.”

He added that “the new normal is the result of citizens understanding they must change their habits and behavior in order to live as much as possible the way they did before.”