Elizabeth Campbell

We had to adapt our voice to the crisis: Elizabeth Campbell of McDonald’s
28 de diciembre de 2020

Elizabeth Campbell, Senior Marketing and Cultural Engagement Director at McDonald’s, said the company had to give its business a new focus and change its view of consumers in order to adapt its voice to this period of pandemic and social agitation.

“Our goal at McDonald’s is to make sure we continue being the brand our consumers identify with and that they know we are there to support their way of life, their passions and their needs” she said during a session of the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference.

She added that they began taking a look at their internal values - service, inclusion, integrity, community and family – to make sure they could live up to the image they wanted to project externally. “It was important for those of us at McDonald’s to take one step back and anchor ourselves to our values and to how we would respect them during these difficult times,” she said.

The next step was to focus on consumers and “start with the truth. Not the brand’s truth in terms of how we see it, but as our fans see it,” Campbell said. “That is how we could make sure to take that truth into their lives and make everything we do to feel like our fans´ voice coming through."