Mara Fernández, Cynthia Pérez and Omar Schoijet

Metrics Must Focus on ROI, says Cynthia Perez of Twitter LatAm
23 de diciembre de 2021

Metrics have currently become more complex, and what is most important for using them effectively is knowing the goals of a campaign and the business it is promoting. According to Omar Schoijet, head of Marketing Insights and Analytics at Twitter LatAm, and Cynthia Perez, Global Video Solutions Lat Am, these days it’s essential to focus on a thorough knowledge of the media being used and do everything possible to maximize its return on investment (ROI).

On the webinar WINA Talks powered by PRODU, both specialists spoke about the changing way of viewing metrics in a world with an unprecedented speed-up of digitization. “There would previously have been a media with many channels, but now there are many media that have very different budgets for each audience, and within these media, different ways of communicating,” Schoijet said.

Among the concerns that worry advertisers, brands and agencies these days, “the most important is understanding that ‘reach and frequency’ is no longer the name of the game,” said Perez, and that the main thing is the ROI, being clear at all times from the launch of the campaign about the impression it is out to make, what are its business objectives and understanding the pre- and post- of the project. “I can divide the plan into two parts: efficacy and efficiency. Under efficacy I’ll be measuring brand effect and reach on target, while under efficiency I’ll look to lower costs,” which is to say metrics of cost per view, viewability and completion rates, all of which, he said, are available on the Twitter Ads platform.

See webinar WINA Talks powered by PRODU with Cynthia Perez and Omar Schoijet.