Elias Weinstock of Casanova//McCann: Brands with a social purpose are this year’s top trend

27 de diciembre de 2021

After making the Creative Effectiveness shortlist with the Second Chances campaign his agency created for Donate Life California, Elias Weinstock, VP/Chief Creative Officer of Casanova//McCann, described for PRODU’s FastFwd of Cannes Lions 2021 the leading trends and changes he observed in the latest edition of that prestigious advertising competition.

“The strongest advertising trend is brands with a social purpose. There were definitely many that triumphed under that concept. That train is definitely in the station and forms a significant part of the industry and of the people operating it” he said

According to Weinstock, brands ought to create content that supports causes that work for the good of the community.

He also noted the importance that the gaming industry now signifies for advertising: “It’s a platform very much sought after and prized by many brands…take the recent example of Burger King”.

As a final touch, he noted that the Cannes Lions shortlist in the Creative Effectiveness category recognized that Casanova//McCann are doing things differently.

The concept was based on giving a second chance to traffic offenders registered as donors of internal body organs. This campaign thanked them for giving other citizens the chance to stay alive. It was produced by Craft Worldwide New York, D’Avant Garde Media Santa Mónica, 4K Film Production Cochrane, JSM Music New York and Truelove Post Culver City.

Weinstock said it was a campaign that faced obstacles, including the difficulties they had in getting various police departments to collaborate with the agency. Nonetheless, he added that that after six months of work, the result was highly satisfactory.