Ana Molina Alarcón

Artificial intelligence is our best ally for listening more and answering better, according to Telefonica’s Ana Molina
25 de diciembre de 2021

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is profitable and deserves our attention. Personalizing and providing smart services is profitable,” said Ana Molina Alarcon, head of Aura Experience Design at Telefonica, in her presentation Voice Marketing: How Your Brand Should Talk, during the El Sol Festival 2021.

Molina, in giving a rundown of successful cases of brands that have worked efficiently with their users, recalled the value of the smart-brand concept, “which means the brand can grasp the context and personalize relations with clients to increase their feeling of inclusion,” she said.

In that regard, she spoke about how AI will mark the next mile in a revolution that will benefit businesses and the way brands communicate with customers.

Molina gave as an example a spot for Google Analytics that shows how complex it is becoming to make purchases online for a customer who isn’t listened to. ”There is even a trend to talk to clients more and listen to them less,” Molina said.

This digitized world, she added, puts all kinds of different services in touch with each other. “Digitizing a service is a perfect strategy for harmonizing businesses in terms of marketing, design, data and technology, and puts customers in the middle as all these elements dance to the same tune in order to design brands and services that solve people’s problems and simplify people’s lives.”

“The great challenge of digitization continues to reside in understanding the context of companies, products, services and customers from the company’s point of view. The great challenge lies in understanding the human conversation,” Molina concluded.