Johanna Chamorro and Yescenia Navarro

Johanna Chamorro and Yescenia Navarro of Topline: We base our success on the “customer journey”
Liz Unamo|28 de diciembre de 2021

Topline is an agency with an integrated vision focused on the “customer journey” and consumers moved by the needs and emotions surrounding their purchasing decisions.

Johanna Chamorro and Yescenia Navarro head the Panama-based agency, and from there they spoke with PRODU about the projects they are currently working on.

“This is what makes us different. We have more control over the campaign and its message because we’re involved every step of the way, rather than saying ‘I don’t do that’ or ‘my services don’t go that far.’ Right now we’re helping a client with a super important campaign involving us in matters that go from PR, POP signaling and BTL in stores to a campaign of influencers and the production of some really touching videos,” said owner and Strategy Director Chamorro.

During this final quarter of the year, the agency has developed a number of projects with different responsibilities among them. These include “the third version of the Best Gamer League of Panama: +Mobile Gamers League; the production of an original Topline reality show Pork Star, which is a contest that looks to find the best pork recipes nationwide; and exclusive content for our client Anapor that forms part of our food platform Buenos Sabores (Good Flavors). Plus we’re continuing with the consumer promotions our clients are so fond of,” said owner and General Manager Navarro.

With the lifting of health mandates, activities at point of sale and in-person events have returned. “Super Mamas, the largest community of moms in Panama, is preparing for its most important celebration…Mother’s Day (held in Panama on Dec. 18) while Buenos Sabores will hold an in-person event at a shopping mall. We’re also urging our clients to to ring in the New Year with their collaborators and with different endomarketing events for various brands,” Navarro added.