Manny Ruiz and Mara Fernández

Good virtual experiences are based on good storytelling, Manny Ruiz told the FIAP Face to Face Webinar
25 de diciembre de 2021

For Manny Ruiz, co-founder and chief creative producer at Brilla Media, the basis of all marketing tactics beyond a virtual or in-person experience is storytelling. Understanding that, he said, is the foundation of strategic actions that guarantee success, even under such adverse conditions as the Covid pandemic.

During the FIAP Face to Face Webinar, the executive laid out five strategies practiced by Brilla Media by which, through the combined use of platforms linked to a specific goal, they have positioned such brands as AARP, P&G, Knorr and others.

Ruiz went on to describe the process they followed to create virtual experiences and the lessons that each one of them taught the industry. According to his presentation, while audience data are key factors in strategies of this kind, brands cannot think only in terms of their quantity but must also consider their quality.

“Private VIP experiences, for example, usually provide more information depending on the campaign’s goals,” Ruiz said.

He added that in a post-Covid-19 world, consumers will tend to expect a virtual rather than an in-person experience. “A physical event will no longer be the only option – people will be used to seeing that same event whenever they want and being able to share it.”

He also indicated that the challenge to monetization lies in the distribution of content and having a clear idea of the target audience each step of the way.

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