Ricardo Coeto, Director of Production of Azteca

Ricardo Coeto of Azteca 7: Visually, La isla 2 is our most ambitious project this year
Vanessa Maldonado|26 de julio de 2013

In an interview with PRODU, Ricardo Coeto, Director of Production of Azteca, said the second season of La isla, premiering August 26th at 8:30pm on Azteca 7, will feature a higher-quality, more attractive visual production. “We’re bringing more aerial games. On the first season we had helicopters at the beginning, during the drop offs and at the final party. Now we’ll have two during the entire 60 days, so visually it’s our most ambitious project. We’re aiming for high quality content, and since we did it well once, we have to do it better now,” said Coeto. For the executive, casting participants for season two was based on archetypes, “because programs that are based on these span different age groups and occupations. What we’re looking is for people who fill the screen in a different way, face the audience differently, and allow us to cover the spectrum of personalities to build the attractive narrative we want for the show.” Lastly, Coeto said that for this season the network hired first season participant Julio, who will be tasked with setting the challenges. The production also has a specialized team from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, among others. They will produce the 65 shows in the Dominican Republic with the finale in Mexico, “with narratives that fit the audiences of each of these countries.”