Richard Glasson

Richard Glasson of Hogarth: The way we work with clients is cutting edge

Manuela Walfenzao|26 de agosto de 2019

CEO Richard Glasson of Hogarth Worldwide spoke in an exclusive interview about the success his company has enjoyed over the past year and about the more important trends in the world of production for the advertising industry.

“We’ve been in a privileged position since the company was founded - we burst into the advertising industry as a disruptive force. We have a different way of doing things and for us, the change is good," he said. "All the changes in the way advertisers speak with their consumers, the different channels they use, the fact that clients now see their communications in a different way, have boosted our growth in the first half of 2019. We are very happy with our results this year and know that 2020 will be even better."

He noted that Hogarth Worldwide has never been a corporation that buys up other firms: “We are very focused on what we do, which is to be the best in content production and work with clients in a whole new way."

In discussing today’s most significant trends, he said that while there are new ways to talk to consumers and that brand content continues to be relevant, thrilling technological changes are coming into the production field, such as the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to improve procedures. “These days, for example, we can create virtual sets to shoot live and complete post-production at the same time. Today we focus a great deal on adopting these new tools and technologies," Glasson said