Ricky Vior, VP Executive Creative Director of The Community

Ricky Vior of The Community: Brands need deeper human relationships

01 de mayo de 2019

Ricky Vior, VP Executive Creative Director of The Community, believes that brands need deeper human relationships and this must be depicted directly in the content of their advertising.

"Today more products and services are consumed, but briefly. For some time we created advertising content for brands by using episodes of web series, but I think that has changed,” he said. “Brands need to pursue deeper human relationships, almost like Instagram, where you can see them developing on a daily basis. But if you follow brands’ social media today, you’ll see that only few are doing it well.”

Vior said the agency’s focus and growth have to do with being good at establishing meaningful connections with consumers. “The name The Community has a lot to do with really understanding and identifying with all elements of society. For each project we put together teams and work in processes that are not so structured but are very human, which mean a lot more work but provide great learning opportunities. Our philosophy is that when you join us, you’ll become better. A creative in our agency will become a better strategist, producer and even director,” he added.

Creatives have been part of the company since its inception. "We were a small, weird agency, dealing mostly with the Hispanic market in Miami and Buenos Aires. But little by little we began to mutate and evolve, and are now more multicultural. Today the market is a crossroads of information, data, fashion, the music you listen to and so forth, so we decided to work with people from different backgrounds who add to that cosmopolitan and multicultural depth we offer clients and consumers.”