Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Entertainment and Production of Azteca

Roberto Romagnoli confirms reality Soy Tu Doble for the new Azteca 13 primetime

08 de julio de 2014

Roberto Romagnoli, VP of Entertainment and Production of Azteca, confirmed Soy Tu Doble would be the reality that starts the new block of formats Azteca 13 will feature in its primetime as part of the strategy laid out by the channel’s new general director Rodrigo Fernández. Soy Tu Doble, Romagnoli told PRODU at an interview held in New York, is an Azteca original format where average people try to prove their talent by impersonating celebrities. On this new version, already in pre-production, celebrities must imitate other celebrities. “It will be full of surprises,” said Romagnoli about the content of the show. Another surprise is seeing how the reality show will perform against a Televisa telenovela in early primetime. Romagnoli said Azteca 13 will also offer other entertainment content: “La Academia Kids 2 comes better than ever, as well as FremantleMedia’s El Rival Más Débil, RAI’s El Legado, and more episodes of the talkshow Cosas De La Vida and of the morning show Venga La Alegría.” All these show will also be part of the lineup of Azteca America.