Rodrigo Fernández, CEO of Azteca 7

Rodrigo Fernández from Azteca 7: We are now a channel with live programming dedicated to women and contemporary family
06 de octubre de 2016

Rodrigo Fernández, CEO of Azteca 7, announced a radical and historical change in the channel. Now, its programming is basically live and the target is homemakers and contemporary families. On weekends sports and the boxing bar will stay, because they have been very successful.

“Starting October 17 we will transform the entire channel. We will have 5 programs, entirely live, from 2pm. We will start with a show program, Más Allá del Chisme, from 2 to 3pm. Then, a dating game called Enamorándonos, a format from Turkey's Global Agency that we are producing together withSony/Teleset, from 3 to 5pm. After that, a talk show, a format made in house with Carolina Rocha, from 5 to 6pm. Later, Cocineros Mexicanos, a FremantleMedia format, from 6 to 8pm, and a news magazine we have called Después de Todo, which starts at 8pm,” said Rodrigo.

The announcement was made during an intimate breakfast with PRODU, in the Red Room of TV Azteca’s Presidential building in Ajusco, with two of the high executives that are working full time on Azteca 7’s radical change: Nacho Ruiz de Ojeda, Marketing and Programming VP, and Luis Guillermo Camacho, Content and Production VP.

He admitted it was a strong, radical and historical bet in Mexican TV. A long-term plan, at least 5 years, that fits perfectly with the changes that Benjamín Salinas, CEO of TV Azteca, is implementing.