Rodrigo Maycotte

Rodrigo Maycotte of Fortunato: We Will Expand the Digital Footprint and Brand Voice of Texas Original
Liz Unamo|27 de enero de 2020

Texas Original, the only legal producer of medical cannabis in the state of Texas, and the Fortunato agency have announced their partnership in the creative realm. "We will focus our efforts on expanding the brand voice and digital presence starting with the webpage” said Rodrigo Maycotte, Founder of the agency.

The website is indispensable for educating patients who require treatment with medical cannabis, as well as for encouraging doctors to have cannabis solutions ready and waiting for their patients. “From there we will begin to create content to spread information and expand Texas Original's digital footprint,” Maycotte added.

For the agency, this is a very important client for two reasons: first, because it means Fortunato represents a brand that helps 2 million patients in Texas, almost 750,000 of whom are Hispanics, with results that truly change their lives; and secondly, because it will help establish guidelines for the new medical cannabis/marihuana industry. “Both the staff at Texas Original and those of us at Fortunato believe there isn't yet a brand paving the way in this new field and it is our chance to be leaders in the sector,” he said.

The biggest challenge is the stigma surrounding cannabis products, both at the medical and consumer levels. “Unfortunately,” Maycotte said, “there are too many CBD pseudobrands that do not sell quality products and give the industry a bad image. That’s why it is so important to create content that tells the public the real truth about this treatment.”