Rodrigo Maycotte

Rodrigo Maycotte, former creative director of Richards/Lerma and The Richards Group, launches his Fortunato agency
Liz Unamo|16 de septiembre de 2019

“The agency is named after my great-grandfather Gen. Fortunato Maycotte, who fought in the Mexican Revolution. The stories we have about him always refer to his bravery, audacity, good character and always doing the right thing. We decided to infuse these virtues into the DNA of our agency and use them to guide all our decisions" he said.

The company philosophy is called Serve the Work, which according to Maycotte means dedicating all one´s faculties to do a job well done for the pure love of doing it, because that ensures "the work will be infinitely better and will produce better results for our clients."

He believes technology has commoditized creativity and that consequently brands tend to simply exist. "We believe craftsmanship will be the competitive advantage for brands to survive in the near future" he said.

Fortunato, an independent agency, has the support of its founding members, who have 25 years of combined agency experience behind them. "We decided to open an agency because we are thrilled about the opportunity to apply these lessons, mix them with our philosophy, and try to satisfy the needs the industry has today” Maycotte said. “We do not pretend to have the immediate solution or cure-all, but our goal is to evolve the current agency model in order to get closer to that solution.”