Rodrigo Maycotte

Rodrigo Maycotte of Fortunato: The AD Industry Is It A Turning Point
07 de octubre de 2019

According to the co-founder and partner of Fortunato, Rodrigo Maycotte, the advertising industry is at a turning point. He recalled that when his agency was launched, a number of creatives, account executives and marketers were interviewed from various agencies and brands, which allowed the new agency to see ways to improve the effectiveness of the industry.

Fortunato is particularly interested in:
-Creatives who want to have more ownership of their work and focus on the creative product without having to deal with the obstacles or distractions that an agency might pose.
-Clients who ask for more transparency and simplicity from an agency without expecting it to have all the solutions, and are willing to collaborate more closely with it.

The most recurring topic in the answers they obtained from both agencies and marketers was the wish for more empathy and humanity in the industry. He said his motivation is the satisfaction of needs. "We believe that with the Serve the Work philosophy we can improve our work at all levels and have the certainty that it will produce better results for everyone."